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Australia's most experienced piano teacher

Anneka Pearton B.A. (Hons)

50 Years of playing experience

Anneka comprehends all genres of piano music and all styles of playing.

3 Decades of teaching experience

Coaching all kinds of people from absolute beginner to professional player, kids, adults, fast learners, slow learners, visual people, creative people, uncreative people and so on...

1000s Of adult & kids students

Applying "can do" psychology, behavioral science and positive thinking to her teaching.

About the PianoEasy way to learn the piano.


In a relatively short time you will have the tools to pretty much play anything you like, including popular tunes, classics, blues and jazz.

You'll learn how to improvise, compose, arrange and read and write music. Keep going and you will grow to your own unique musical perfection, mastering whatever "rocks your piano boat".

Master 10 songs in your first 10 lessons!


Everyone is different, with different tastes, different backgrounds, different learning styles.

Some people love the freedom and inspiration to create, re-arrange and improvise. Some people love how PianoEasy provides all the structure and theory along the way.  Some people love pop songs, some love classical, some love jazz and blues.

PianoEasy caters for all!


PianoEasy connects the knowledge and movement of your body with our wonderful instrument: the piano.

Starting with that brilliant 2 black 3 black pattern on the piano that our brains can work with so easily and understanding how the piano produces sound will help you obtain a beautiful relaxed playing technique that leads to an ease in playing complex pieces very soon.

Become better than you ever thought you could!

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  • PianoEasy

    “PianoEasy is magic! It had us playing music better and faster than we ever expected. We are learning song after great song, always developing our own style and honing our piano skills.

    I highly recommend it!”

    Artistic Director Perth Festival (and Daughter)

  • PianoEasy

    “We met through PianoEasy! We both played piano as kids, but were looking for a course to advance our skills and give us joy. Mary checked out quite a few courses and there is none that is a patch on PianoEasy. It's rich, it's fun, it's so rewarding!”

    PianoEasy Players

  • PianoEasy

    “Working with professional musicians I recommend PianoEasy as the "GO TO COURSE" to learn the piano, to understand how music "works", and how to make the piano work for you!

    Your repertoire will grow fast, your musical skills will develop and you’ll learn all your theory too.”

    CEO and Creative Director Perth Symphony Orchestra

  • PianoEasy

    “The best piano program in the world. Without a doubt! ”

    PianoEasy Players

  • PianoEasy

    “I dreamed of playing the piano all my life. When I found the PianoEasy method I knew this was the way to go. Within a few months I was playing ten songs, including my favourite Leonard Cohen song and a classical piece I have always loved. The PianoEasy approach makes learning fun and easy. It’s wonderful!”


  • PianoEasy

    “As a piano teacher who is the daughter of a concert pianist I used to teach the classical way. When I discovered PianoEasy I realised the huge gaps all the methods I tried and tested had, (including the way I was taught myself).

    PianoEasy is FUN. It is COMPLETE. It has ALL THE THEORY the old methods had and more, but it's practical and easily presented.
    Complete beginners are playing GREAT PIECES from the very first lessons. ”

    PianoEasy has renewed my LOVE of playing!

  • PianoEasy

    “We can’t believe how well this PianoEasy course works. Our daughter is only 7 years old and within weeks of lessons she was playing and singing songs at the local pub, in front of 80 people who thought she was absolutely amazing with her beautiful repertoire.”


  • PianoEasy

    “5 stars. I enjoy all the lessons and music pieces. Every thing is clear and well supported. I love it!”


  • PianoEasy

    “Anneka has given me the gift of music through her PianoEasy course and I will be grateful for that my entire life.”


  • PianoEasy

    “I have been learning with PianoEasy for six years and I could not have had a more thorough or more enjoyable musical education. This year I was accepted into several conservatories around Australia.”


  • PianoEasy

    “Just played my own arrangement of "Big Spender" at my friend's 50th party! Nobody could believe I couldn't play before I started with PianoEasy! Do yourself a favour and start today!”


  • PianoEasy

    “This is EXACTLY how I learn! Thank you!”

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